21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Workout Calendar

The 21 day fix workout schedules are simple and easy to follow. The workout calendar is 21 days long, divided in 3 weeks of exercises, of 30 minutes routines for each day.

In the beginning it may sound 30 minutes a lot of time, but once you get used to it you’ll find much better in the end of the day.

The goal is to create a healthy daily habit to exercise.

The routines order is specially designed to train different group of muscles so you get better results while recovering from previous routines. Example: Tuesday it’s Upper fix day, then Wednesday is Lower fix . This way you can recover from previous workouts and avoid overtraining.

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса21 Day Fix Workout Calendar – Click for full size

Looking for faster and even more impressive results ?

21 Day fix have created the Doubles Option. On the 3rd week (days from 15 to 21) add an extra workout to your daily routines, on a different time of the day. If you are doing your daily schedules in the morning, this extra workout session can be done at the end of the day, right before dinner.

Remember that doing routines just before you go to bed should be avoided as your metabolism goes up it may, for some persons, get’s harder to fall asleep after.

From my experience, you’ll notice that once you got used to the workout routines, adding a extra 30 minute exercise on your day doesn’t make it painful, instead you’ll get faster results and a way more energy to your daily tasks.

When I started this program, I’ve created my workout schedules in form of sheets so I can print it and have it along with my eating plan calendar. It helps to keep you organize and motivated for your daily goals.

The calendar is divided in 3 weeks: week 1, week 2 and week 3 (where you can add the “doubles-option”).

What do you need to do the workouts ?

First and most important, you need motivation! Never give up and don’t make excuses so you end up missing even one session. Every session is an important step toward a new, slimmer, you!

Two accessories that I recommend you to get

1) Resistance bands 

For some of the exercise, using resistance bands will add some extra tension to make you sweat a little more and make your results more impressive. This is the ones I use and recommend, the Black Mountain Resistance Band Set, you can find it at amazon.com.

2) Yoga mat

Basic and handy for every workout you do at home, a yoga mat makes floor exercises more  comfortable and that means you have one less excuse for not exercising. Time to get your house ready for some exercise….!  The yoga mat I use it’s available on Amazon.

The Kind of Results I’ve Seen

Will you really drop the amount of weight that is promised in just three weeks? It depends on a lot of factors. If you have more than a few pounds to lose and follow the included 3 Day Quick Fix, you could do very well.

The most weight loss I’ve seen others get with this program are from a man who lost 14lbs in three weeks, and a woman who lost 11lbs in three weeks. Both of these individuals stuck to the plan exactly, drank Shakeology every day, never missed a workout, followed the doubles schedule during week 3, and they followed the 3 Day Quick Fix the final three days of their first round. It should also be noted they had more than 30 lbs to lose.

The Kind of Results I’ve Seen

Will you really drop the amount of weight that is promised in just three weeks? It depends on a lot of factors. If you have more than a few pounds to lose and follow the included 3 Day Quick Fix, you could do very well.

The most weight loss I’ve seen others get with this program are from a man who lost 14lbs in three weeks, and a woman who lost 11lbs in three weeks. Both of these individuals stuck to the plan exactly, drank Shakeology every day, never missed a workout, followed the doubles schedule during week 3, and they followed the 3 Day Quick Fix the final three days of their first round. It should also be noted they had more than 30 lbs to lose.


While I was already fairly fit, I knew I didn’t have the “fitness model” look and that was the specific look that I dreamed of having! Today, after completing this program, I have the body confidence that I need in order to get more out of life, and you can gain this type of body confidence, too!

This body confidence helps me to embrace new challenges in life, whether it’s meeting new people, doing sports or trying on new outfits. The program also makes me feel energized and healthy, so it’s good for my mind, body and spirit…

I’m female, btw, but this program works for both genders…

To help you learn about what’s possible with this program, I’m here to tell you about my own 21 Day Fix results, read more.

Final Thoughts About the 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix is an at-home workout program that will definitely get you in the habit of eating healthier and recognizing how much food you really should be eating at a sitting. It’s not the most exciting workout I’ve ever done (other people LOVE the workouts…just see the comments below!), I will admit that the workouts are VERY effective at getting you in much better physical and cardiovascular shape and will help you lose weight.

Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming event or getting on the right track to reaching your greater weight loss goal through a lifestyle change, the 21 Day Fix is definitely a program to consider.

Have a question or experience with the program? Please leave me a comment below and I’ll try my best to respond within 24 hours.

The Fix Moves and Following the Modifier

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса
Exercise moves that work multiple muscle groups including the stabilizer and core muscles all in one movement.

I was completely blown away that the 21 Day Fix is full of combination workout moves I was not familiar with. Renegade rows? Who knew they could be so effective?! But one of the most challenging moves for me were the side plank leg raises….yikes!!!

I definitely had to follow the modifier a lot during my first week. That’s because the moves are designed to hit your muscles from head to toe.

Популярные статьи  The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms: программа Трейси Маллет для продвинутых

Make sure to listen to how she explains the moves when she first introduces them and watch her demonstration, because there are a lot of background people in the workout videos who will not being doing the same move at the same exact time or the exact same way. If you didn’t pay attention, you might get a little confused about who best to watch with many of them performing the moves in slightly different ways based on their fitness level and ability. Re-shot 21 Day Fix real time workouts are much better(covered below).

There is always a modifier!

Think you’ll have a hard time keeping up with the 21 Day Fix? Don’t worry!!! There will always be someone (Kat) who is doing a less intense version than Autumn. If you’re having trouble keeping up or have bad knees, make sure to watch how that move is done.

21 Day Fix MAX Results! – Beachbody Challenge Packs

Do you find it hard to eat your vegetables and fruits and just trying to eat healthy in general?

It’s no surprise that a huge part of you getting results with either 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme relies heavily on what you eat.

Yes, the 21 Day Fix programs will get you eating healthier and show you what type of foods you should be eating… but it can still be challenging.

How would you like to TURBO Charge your weight loss results, gain more energy, reduce junk food cravings, and improve your health?

Here’s a master solution in one simple and tasty drink, Shakeology!

Shakeology has been found to:

  • Help with continuous weight loss over time (Clinically proven)
  • Lower Cholesterol (Clinically proven)
  • Lower Blood Sugar (Clinically proven)
  • Reduced Hunger & Food Cravings
  • Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Increased Energy
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Digestion & Regularity

Check out the following results from people who used a 21 Day Fix program and Shakeology!

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплексаAlexis B. said:

I’ve tried every fad diet known to man and have never found anything that not only worked as well as 21 Day Fix, but was so easy to do and understand. I feared that I was going to crave junk food during the program, but Shakeology completely curbed my appetite.

The only thing I craved during those 21 days was MORE Shakeology! And it gave me so much energy that I no longer needed a nap during the day. Shakeology tasted like dessert and it was the one meal each day that I couldn’t wait to consume. Now, instead of being skinny fat, I’m skinny fit!

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Ruth says:

21 Day Fix taught me exactly what healthy foods to eat, AND how much of those foods I needed to consume in order to lose fat while building muscle. And while I’ve never been a “nutrition shake drinker,” when I started drinking Shakeology as part of the program, I noticed a significant difference in my energy levels, plus my cravings for sweets has almost entirely gone away.

After 3 weeks I felt like the Energizer Bunny! Holy moly, this stuff is a game changer!

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Now it’s your turn to get results with the 21 Day Fix programs and Shakeology… Beachbody makes it easy and SAVES you money with Beachbody Challenge Packs!

A Beachbody Challenge Pack will include the following:

  • A 30-day supply of Shakeology—the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness result.
  • A Fitness Program of your choice.
  • A FREE 30-day VIP Trial Membership to the Team Beachbody Club, where you can access tips, fitness and nutrition tracker tools, and more.
  • Super Discount Savings on Shipping – Save $10+
  • AND you save anywhere from $30 to $90+ on your total order!

Find the right 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack for you, below:

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплексаWhen order both Shakeology and a 21 Day Fix program, you’re basically getting the workout for about $10!… Best of all, there’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t want Shakeology, then order the 21 Day Fix program that you want below:21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплексаFeel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Have a great day!

Work With Me – Leaders Only

P.S. If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, nutrition, social, and even occupational wellness, be sure to start with a FREE Team Beachbody Account and you will get support, motivation, and gain access to free tools to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

P.S. Here are other Popular 21 Day Fix Program Order Options

  • Order 21 Day Fix Extreme w/ NO Containers
  • Order 21 Day Fix AND 21 Day Fix Extreme Together
  • Order 21 Day Fix Ultimate Package

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Why the 21 Day Fix?

Coming from a fitness background I can go ahead and analyze many details in this 21 Day Fix review as for why this program makes sense. Trying to stick close to layman terms, here are just few in order to put things into perspective.

  • It combines many methods of training including cardio, resistance training, Pilates, Yoga, compound exercises… With each day targeting different muscle groups by leveraging different methods of training, you are about to witness a jump start in fat loss and muscle definition.
  • The workouts last for around 30 minutes. Not going to cite sources on why this is so important, let us just say that it is quite convenient.
  • You are doing everything from the comfort of your own home. Not a real game changer for me, but I know people who are very hard to persuade when it comes to going to the gym. If you are one of those, this is as much convenience as money can buy.
  • The whole length of the program is 21 day. Nothing can beat this so far.
  • It includes a very detailed yet practical nutrition guide, as well as a very revolutionary approach to portion control as well.
  • There is a modifier to every move, so everyone can do it.
  • Another 3 day fix nutrition plan that is going to make you Bikini ready in 72 hours. For this I say thanks.

Why not 21 Day Fix?

Probably a more useful chapter than the one above, this is where I find 21 Day Fix failing to deliver:

  • You cannot bulk up a lot. Having trained to compete back in the day this is sad news for me.
  • You can really lose up to 15 pounds. Gotta have to do it twice if you would like to shred over 20 pounds or more.
  • There is not a single day of rest. Sundays are booked for the Yoga fix routine of the program, but despite being relaxing and easy it is still not a complete rest. Thursdays are for the Pilates routine though, and this is yet another form of mini rest.

Cons of the 21-Day Fix

Despite these benefits, experts do have some concerns with Beachbody in general and this program in particular. There are no common health risks associated specifically with the Beachbody 21-Day Fix, but there are several drawbacks.

  • Calorie restriction: The formula that the 21-Day Fix uses to determine calorie goals could result in a suggested daily calorie count under 1,500 calories. This would not be enough calories for energy and health for many people, especially when you factor in the daily workouts.
  • Short-term solution: Beachbody promises quick results with the 21-Day Fix, and the program is only meant to last for three weeks. During this time, people will probably need to avoid eating out and must find time to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Returning to previous habits and portion sizes after the 21 days could mean regaining lost weight.
  • Expensive: The 21-Day Fix kit costs about $60, and it includes the portion control containers, workout videos, and eating plan, along with other resources and information. However, purchasing whole, unprocessed foods can be pricey. In addition, you may be encouraged to buy more Beachbody products, such as shake mixes.
  • Multi-level marketing: Peer support and recruitment are the Beachbody system’s cornerstone. However, because the peer support is tied to financial compensation, the company has come under fire from some experts in the industry for promoting «coaching services» by sales representatives with no exercise or nutrition credentials who make a commission when they sell the company’s products.
Популярные статьи  Набор мышечной массы для девушек

May lead to nutrient deficiencies: Calorie restriction could lead to nutrient deficiencies, which may cause fatigue. Other studies have shown that prolonged calorie restriction could slow the body’s metabolism. In some cases, a reduction in bone density and muscle mass was shown in older adults. Still, in general, the long-term effects of calorie restrictions in humans remain somewhat inconclusive.

The company says that individual distributors are qualified to provide support and encouragement because they have been successful in Beachbody programs themselves. But no formal exercise or nutrition training is required. Coaches also earn a percentage of each product that they sell and any product sold by a coach that they recruit, so they are heavily incentivized to network and sell.

Комплексные программы для продвинутых

1. Шон Ти — Insanity

Курс Insanity с Шоном Ти стал настоящим прорывом в области домашнего фитнеса. Ультра-интенсивная программа поможет вам изменить свое тело и фантастически улучшить выносливость. Комплекс тренировок рассчитан на два месяца, в течение которых вас ждет действительно сумасшедшая нагрузка. Жесткая плиометрика и агрессивное интервальное кардио: Шон считает, что только так вы сможете преодолеть себя и выйти на новый физический уровень. Для занятий вам не понадобится никакое дополнительное оборудование, что является большим преимуществом видеопрограммы. Вы будете тренироваться только с весом собственного тела.

2. Шон Ти — Insanity Max 30

Долгожданное продолжение нашумевшей программы вышло спустя 5 лет. Шон усовершенствовал свои тренировки, добавив в них интенсивности, но сократив длительность занятий до 30 минут (в первой части видео длились 40-50 минут). За меньший промежуток времени вас ждет еще более насыщенная работа, чем раньше. Много упражнений и комбинаций схожи с первой частью, но есть и интересные новинки. Программа также рассчитана на 2 месяца. Несмотря на популярность Max 30, многие до сих пор отдают предпочтение первой Insanity, считая ее эталоном тренировок для продвинутых.

3. Джиллиан Майклс — BodyShred

Джиллиан Майклс, вероятно, знакома каждому занимающемуся домашним фитнесом. У нее много видеотренировок для начинающих и для людей со средней подготовкой. Однако последний ее комплекс BodyShred рассчитан на действительно продвинутую аудиторию. Двухмесячная программа включает в себя эффективные 30-минутные тренировки для всего тела. Два раза в неделю вы будете выполнять чисто аэробное занятие, четыре раза в неделю интервальные функциональные тренировки для разных группы мышц. Такой подход позволит максимально сжечь жир и подтянуть проблемные зоны.

4. Шалин Джонсон — ChaLEAN Extreme

Еще одну тренировку для продвинутых предлагает Шалин Джонсон. В ее основе лежит принцип: «Качая мышцы, вы ускоряете метаболизм и худеете». Это настоящая силовая программа, которая позволит сделать ваше тело рельефным и упругим. Вас ждет 90-дневный комплекс, состоящий из 15 видеотренировок. Курс строится по следующему принципу: 3 раза в неделю вы выполняете силовые тренировки, 2 раза в неделю — аэробно-силовые. Для занятий вам понадобится набор гантелей разных весов, эспандер и желательно эластичная лента.

5. Мишель Дозуа — PeakFit Challenge

Эту программу называют «женским вариантом Insanity», хотя если приглядеться они имеют не так много общего. Во-первых, помимо интервальных кардио-тренировок Мишель также использует силовые упражнения для всего тела. Это поможет вам не только сжечь жир, но и укрепить мышцы. Во-вторых, тренер предлагает более замысловатые комбинации и связки, которые позволяют задействовать максимальные группы мышц. Видеотренировки длятся от 30 минут до 1 часа, в течение которых вы будете выходить на пик интенсивности и снова сбавлять темп. Программа рассчитана на два месяца, для занятий вам понадобятся гантели и эспандер.

6. Отумн Калабрес — 21 Day Fix Extreme

Fix Extreme — это еще один комплекс тренировок для продвинутых от компании Beachbody, которая продюсировала выпуск Insanity. В этот раз тренером стала девушка, однако это не помешало программе завоевать статус очень интенсивной. Фитнес-курс очень хорош своей разнообразностью: здесь будет и плиометрика, и аэробика, и силовая нагрузка, и пилатес, и йога. В течение недели вас каждый день ждет новая 30-минутная тренировка. Программа рассчитана на 21 день, вам понадобятся гантели, а также эспандер для отдельных видео. Fix Extreme можно назвать одним из самых сбалансированных комплексов среди домашних видеопрограмм.

Задумались, сможете ли справиться с такой высокой нагрузкой? Попробуйте! Иногда, чтобы достичь высоких результатов, необходимо выйти из зоны комфорта и заняться тренировками для продвинутых в фитнесе.

What Foods to Eat

What Foods Can You Eat on Weight Watchers?

The program encourages dieters to consume healthy foods and put an emphasis on whole foods:

  • Lean proteins – eggs, fish, tofu, skinless chicken, non-fat yogurt, shellfish, etc.
  • Canned fruit – fresh or frozen but unsweetened
  • Non-starchy veggies – asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, etc.
  • Healthy carbs – sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, beans, and other whole-grain products
  • Healthy fats – olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.

During this diet, you should avoid consuming foods that are high in saturated fats and sugar, like chips, candy, cookies, and other sweets, processed meats, and sugary beverages.

Our Pick

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Why Go With Weight Watchers?

The single biggest barrier for most people is DIET. Weight Watchers has spent years mastering the art of letting people eat what they want, but get into the habit of TRACKING. Diet is also one of the highest impact avenues to losing weight long term. Start your FREE trial today and get their limited-time offer of 50% off now!

Join Now

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

What Foods Can You Eat on 21 Day Fix?

Like Weight Watchers, this program also promotes the consumption of healthy foods:

  • Veggies – raw or cooked: spinach, broccoli, greens, etc.
  • Fruits – strawberries, banana, grapes, mango, cherries, blueberries, etc.
  • Lean protein – salmon, eggs, chicken breast, lean meat, cottage cheese, etc.
  • Low-glycemic carbohydrates – beans, rice, sweet potatoes, whole-wheat bread, etc.
  • Healthy fats – cashews, cheddar cheese, nuts, avocado, etc.
  • Seeds and oils – pine nuts, flaxseeds, etc.

As long as you follow this eating program, you should avoid foods that are high in carbs, fat or sugar.

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Why Go With the 21 Day Fix?

If you want a strict pre-planned program for BOTH diet and exercise, the 21 Day Fix is the right program for you. In theory, this combination gets your the results you want FASTER if you follow the plan.

View Free Trial Offer

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

My Own 3 Week 21 Day Fix Results

Sorry about the before pictures being at a weird angle and the German Shepherd at my feet! But as you can see from my 21 Day Fix result pictures, I definitely toned up everywhere, especially in my shoulders and my abs – you can see my oblique muscles for once! My thighs got more definition in just three weeks, which is good for me since that’s where I have I tend to store most of my fat. No more jiggling by day 21! In the end, I lost 5.3 lbs, which was more than I expected since I did not have much to lose to begin.

Популярные статьи  Силовая тренировка с Кейт Фридрих для мышц груди и спины

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса
My 21 Day Fix results. I say the biggest difference in my thighs/hips. losing the jiggle!

I think these pictures tell the story of what you can really achieve in just just 21 days – not that I was big to begin with, but you can see the definition and fat loss. 

7 Days To Die FPS Fix A20?

Вы ищете исправление FPS за 7 дней до смерти? Тогда вы пришли в нужное место. С момента выпуска Alpha 20 было несколько серьезных жалоб на падение FPS. Однако игра все еще находится на стадии альфа-тестирования, что, к сожалению, означает, что оптимизация не является приоритетом до стадии бета-тестирования. Сейчас в Альфе работают над функционалом и контентом. Но когда Alpha 18 впервые вышла, вряд ли кто-то, кроме людей с 400 500 ригами, мог играть в игру выше средних графических настроек. Так что нужна некоторая оптимизация. Конечно, A20 была лучше на старте, чем почти неиграбельная версия A18. Но все равно у многих бывают проблемы.

Вы, вероятно, будете играть в нее со скоростью 30 кадров в секунду и получать большие выпадения, когда много зомби, в определенных местах на открытом воздухе или при входе в большие достопримечательности, такие как башня Дишонг. Я видел много руководств и видео на YouTube, но пока не нашел ничего полезного.

Ниже я покажу вам несколько шагов, чтобы увеличить ваш FPS, не жертвуя визуальными эффектами. Сначала я пойду по порядку упрощения, с каждым шагом усложняясь. Во-первых, когда вы находитесь в игре, вы можете нажать F8, чтобы увидеть свой FPS в маленьком зеленом тексте в центре левой части экрана.

Некоторые из этих настроек могут ничего не делать. Другие могут быть существенными. Я бы посоветовал попробовать их один раз, чтобы увидеть, что работает для вас. *Редактировать* Это помимо очевидных: отказаться от графики или уменьшить разрешение экрана.

What Equipment You’ll Need for 21 Day Fix

You will need a few different sized weights or an exercise band and a yoga mat to do the 21 Day Fix. If you’ve been away from exercise for a while, you may be able to get away with using your own body weight as resistance for a couple workouts. But you will need the added resistance to help will help tone you up and build strength.

For beginners

3lb, 5lb, and 8lb dumbbells or a resistance band

For intermediates/advanced

5lb, 10lb, and 15lb dumbbells or a resistance band

A yoga mat or core comfort mat will also be of use to you when you do the floor moves. It’s not a necessity, but it’s a great investment especially for the comfort of your knees and back.

21 Day Fix Pricing Update for 2019 with New Offers

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса
Get Both the Original 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme

Here’s exactly what’s included with the accessories package:

  • The Workouts: The seven workouts are all around 30 minutes long, which really fit well into your schedule no matter how busy you are.
  • The Portion Control System: This is the Tupperware-looking color-coded containers that make eating healthy foolproof. You’ll get one green, one purple, one red, one yellow, one blue, and two orange containers.
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup: To mix up your protein shake.
  • 21 Day Fix Eating Plan: An easy-to-follow, portion-control diet plan with plain and simple recipes. Think make-your-own spices to put on top of chicken breast.
  • 3 Day Quick Fix: To jump start your weight loss or end with a bang, this is a 3-day diet plan designed to maximize fat loss and get you well on your way to a leaner, sexier you.
  • 24/7 Online Support: This is something useful that comes with any Beachbody product you purchase. It’s great for whenever you’re looking for support and/or motivation to keep you going when things get tough.

In 2019, the 21 Day Fix program was re-branded to include both the 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix EXTREME. Basically, you now get both programs (EXTREME workouts are harder and the nutrition is more strict) if you decide to order the 21 Day Fix DVDs and Accessories Bundle. The best part is the price is the same at $59.95 when the 21 Day Fix was originally released even though you’re now getting two programs.

Новости последних часов из Украины на сегодняшний день, 07.05.2022. Бои в районе Северодонецкой агломерации и Северска

Сейчас продолжаются боестолкновения в районе Воеводовки — украинцы контратакуют. Вчера была информация о её освобождении и освобождении посёлка Южное (часть Рубежного, выделена цифрой 1 на картинке). Неизвестно что с мостом через Боровую (между Воеводовкой и Северодонецком)

Начиная со вчерашнего дня луганский губернатор заявляет о боях в Белогоровке. Генштаб ВСУ также говорит о наступлении на Северск. Местные жители также сообщают о стрельбе в Серебрянке. Судя по всему в данном районе осуществляется форсирование Донца.

Всё это ставит украинскую группировку под угрозу если не окружения (бои в Попасной затягиваются), то оперативного охвата. Также ВСУ требуется прикрыть Северск и окрестности.

Фронт здесь в целом проходит по речке за исключением Северодонецка. Он сообщен с Лисичанском тремя мостами (выделено синим) в посёлках Синецкий, Павлоград и Сиротино (3 на карте).

Если за Лисичанск украинцы ещё могут некоторое время сражаться, сковывая русские силы, то продолжение обороны в Северодонецке приведёт только к невозможности отойти и бойне в заводе «Азот».

Выберут ли ВСУ в Северодонецке мариупольский сценарий или перегруппируются — главный вопрос ближайших дней.

What’s Included in 21 Day Fix

It depends what you want to get, but I always recommend the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, especially in February as 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is on sale for only $140.

21 Day Fix Base Kit

The 21 Day Fix Base kit includes:

  • All of the 7 base workouts: Dirty 30 workout, Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix
  • Start Here Guide with Workout Calendar
  • 3-Day Quick Fix
  • Eating Plan
  • 24/7 Online Support through me as your Beachbody Coach.
  • 7 color-coded portion-control containers
  • Shakeology shaker cup

21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit

The 21 Day Fix Ultimate Kt includes everything the base kit includes, plus:

  • Flat Abs Workout
  • Barre Legs Workout
  • 1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band (Pink=15lbs)
  • Extra large On-The-Go container to store all your containers
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • Insulated Tote Bag

Check out the workout video for 21 Day Fix here so you can see what it’s all about.

The Trainer Behind The Fix: Introducing Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese is the celebrity trainer and fitness competitor responsible for this program. Pairing up with Team Beachbody, Autumn is responsible for the portion-controlled eating and well-rounded exercise routine.

The mother-of-one brings her own unique training and motivational style to the table. When compared to other Beachbody trainers I’ve had experience of working out with like Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Leandro Carvalho, Autumn is calmer and always reassuring.

I like to think of her training style kind of like your bff, offering words of encouragement. She always has a way of throwing in a motivational saying right when you need it most – for example, when you really want to give up on the move you’re doing. she will get you to push through.

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